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Box and carton erector

Box erectors, also known as box formers, are machines that automatically form and seal cardboard boxes. These machines are commonly used in manufacturing and packaging facilities to improve efficiency and reduce human error. Box erectors come in different sizes and models, and can be customized to suit different applications. Box erectors typically work by taking a stack of cardboard blanks from a hopper or magazine, and feeding them through multiple stages of forming, folding, and sealing. The first stage is usually the forming, where the cardboard blanks are formed into a box shape. The machine then folds the flaps of the box and applies adhesive or tape to seal it shut. Depending on the model, box erectors can have different features such as automatic size adjustments, speed adjustment, and multi-line operations.

One of the main benefits of a box erector is its ability to speed up the packaging process. Manual assembly of cardboard boxes can be slow and tedious, while a box erector can assemble boxes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, box erectors can reduce the likelihood of human error, such as folding the wrong parts of the box or applying adhesive incorrectly. This can lead to higher quality and consistency in the final products.

Another benefit of using a box erector is the ability to reduce waste. Since the box erector forms the boxes from a stack of cardboard blanks, it can minimize the amount of excess cardboard used in manual box assembly. This can result in significant cost saving sand a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Real Shots Of Machine

① Operation-friendly, easily change between different sizes of box.Simple operation
② With PLC control technology, accurate positioning.
③ The man-machine interface makes communication faster and makes diagnostics more powerful.
④ Easy to install, we have installation instructions as well as online video instructions.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Box Erecting Folding Machine
Machine Size 2520mm(L) X1820mm(W) X1370mm(H)
Carton Box Forming Speed 15-20 boxes/minute
Carton Storage Capacity 250-300pcs
Carton Box Size L:120--170mm X W:90--110mm X H:80--100mm
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, 60W
Gas Consumption 0.4--0.6 Mpa, 400NL/ Min
Touch Screen 7 inches